Are You Okay Watching Pro Sports With No Fans?

Many fans of professional sports spend thousands of dollars on stadium decorations and paint their faces. They rearrange their schedules around games. Unfortunately, not all athletes are fans. Many, like Anthony Rendon, find their sport boring. Others, like Tom Brady, simply love to watch the game. But are you okay watching pro sports without fans? Find out in this article! You may be surprised by the answer! Read on to learn what some other sports fans have to say.

NBA playoff games without fans might be less thrilling, but players have always been part showman. In fact, the lack of crowd reaction may actually affect the outcome of the game. Many athletes also say they need the crowd support to play at their highest level. Despite LeBron James’ reservations, sports officials couldn’t find another safe alternative. Both Major League Baseball and NASCAR barred fans during lockdowns.

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