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Can One Be in the Real Estate Business Without Going to School?

If you’re curious about the job opportunities in the real estate business, you may wonder if you can get started without going to school. However, a college education in real estate has its advantages. In addition to obtaining the license to work, you’ll learn about the various terms and contracts used in the industry. Having an education in finance can help you understand mortgages and buyer and seller net sheets. You’ll also know more about financial advice.

The key to a successful career in real estate is having a background in accounting. Real estate brokers value their agents’ accounting experience and have a tendency to promote those with accounting backgrounds more highly. This not only increases the real estate salesperson’s value in the eyes of the brokerage, but also helps him/her understand how money works. With that background, a person with an accounting background can build contacts with military families and learn about the importance of business finances.

While entering the real estate industry is relatively easy, the competition is tough. While the field is lucrative and can provide a lot of financial freedom, getting listings and a positive reputation will require hard work and self-motivation. Earning potential is unlimited, but there is no guarantee of success. There are some steps that you can take in order to make your career in real estate a success.

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