Fixing Internet: Here Is Why Your Smartphone Has Slow Internet Speed

With millions of Americans confined in their homes, working remotely and taking classes it is not shocking to see that internet outages are peaked. However, other than the situations that came with the health pandemic there might be more reasons for a slow internet speed on your smartphone.

Smartphones, unlike PCs or laptops, connect you instantly to the Internet. This is one of the reasons that we prefer doing all the internet-related work on our smartphones. But with a slow internet connection, the whole purpose of owning the smartphone seems irrelevant.

So here are some of the ways that will guide you on why your smartphone has slow internet speed and how you can fix it.

Poor Household Internet Connection

First thing first, check your internet connection.

Sometimes you think you have the best internet connection in town and that it surprises you. Most of the Americans are suffering from slow internet speed and one of its main causes is not having a reliable internet connection.

In homes especially, you need a stable internet connection as a high number of devices are connected to the internet at one time. Therefore, you need an internet service that can acts strong even after a large division of speed.

For this purpose, the spectrum internet is a reliable internet service provider in the United States. With their services available in more than 40 states, it is accessible to get the service for your town as well. Spectrum Internet provides high-speed internet connection for households, which is what you would like for your smartphone.

All you need to do is get in touch with Spectrum customer service and get the best internet package for your household.

Wrong Router Position

One of the reasons why your smartphone is showing slow internet sped is because your router is set in the wrong place.

A Wi-Fi signal can range up to 230 feet and if it placed further it gets slower. It is as simple as that. This is something that most household internet users forget to give attention to.

Other than distance, large physical objects such as floors, doors, and walls can block your Wi-Fi router’s signals. Therefore, by placing it in a position where large objects cover the router means that you are intentionally sabotaging your internet speed for your smartphone.

Furthermore, if you are different from where your router is placed than the chances are that you feel weakness in your internet speed.

A quick way to test whether you are sitting in the correct place to catch router signals is by checking the Wi-Fi icon on your phone’s status bar. It will show you the right indication of the signal strength of your Wi-Fi router.

If the icon shows full it means your smartphone is receiving a strong signal. And if it becomes half or empty this means your Wi-Fi router signals are unable to reach your smartphone.

Your Smartphone Is Slow

A good way to check your smartphone functionality status is by observing how your intent works on it.

If you feel like your internet connection, works smooth in other devices in your home but only gets slower on your smartphone then it means that the problem is in your phone and not in your internet connection or router.

When your phone’s hardware takes time in browsing a page online or struggles with graphics is an online game, it is when you know your phone’s performances sabotaging your internet speed.

And this does not only happen with old phones. It can also happen with your up to date smartphone devices.

Having too many apps downloaded or working in the background causes damage to your available bandwidth. Therefore, by using an app download manager you can keep your smartphone working well and internet speed stable.


The last thing you want these days is to slow internet speed. People these days are consuming internet more than ever. In addition, the circumstances like online education, remote working and plenty of free time contributes in spark in internet usage.

In your smartphone, having a slow internet speed is as torturous as one can imagine. What you can do is follow the ways we mentioned in our blog above and see if they make an impact on your smartphone performance and internet speed tv bucetas.

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