How Satisfied Are You With Modern Day Sports Reporting?

Are you satisfied with the amount of diversity in modern-day sports reporting? Do you know of sports stories involving women? Then, what do you think of the people who cover them? The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport has conducted a report card to assess diversity in sports media. This report cites the Associated Press as an example. The AP sports editors earned a B-plus, a slight improvement from the D-plus they received in 2006.

The number of female journalists has dramatically increased over the last few years. Despite the dramatic increase in female sports reporters, women are still largely underrepresented in sports journalism. As a result, their work, interpersonal relationships, and quality of life may suffer. You may need to dial back your television viewing to avoid the burnout. But, the increase in female sports reporters is a positive development. In the long run, you’ll find more women in the sports reporting industry, which is important for a healthy society.

In terms of gender representation, women were the most prevalent in top management positions, with 37.3% of them being women. But, that was only a snapshot of the industry. The percentage of women assistant sports editors, reporters, columnists, and copy editors/designers was up from 10.0% in the 2018 report card to 16.7% by 2021. However, it was disappointing to see so many men and white journalists in top management positions.

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