Should We Have Pet Healthcare?

The need for pet healthcare is not as immediate as the need for human health care, but pet owners may be more emotional about their dogs than their owners. This is especially true if they have been neglecting their pets for years. A well-planned health plan will cover both routine and emergency care, as well as preventative measures and treatment. It is a good idea to consider the costs associated with pet healthcare when determining whether to get it for your pets.

Often, owners put off an ideal treatment, hoping that their pet will heal on its own. In reality, this may lead to chronic pain for the animal and recurring medication bills for pet parents. During an antibiotic-resistant UTI, for example, a culture analysis is essential, as antibiotic-resistant bacteria can make the infection resistant and require rehospitalization. According to the CDC, 35,000 Americans die from antibiotic-resistant infections each year.

Pet health insurance is an option for pet owners who can’t afford veterinary care. These plans reimburse pet owners up to 80% of the vet bill, while top insurers cover up to 100%. Most pet insurance policies require monthly premiums and will pay for eligible expenses after a deductible. Some plans even pay for hospital boarding and alternative therapies. Some plans even cover lost pet advertising. In some cases, pet health insurance can help a pet owner save money on vet bills, but not when the vet bill is higher than anticipated.

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