Why isn’t Physical Fitness Mandatory For Police Officers?

Despite the enormous pressures faced by police officers, they are prone to various stress related diseases. This is why making physical fitness mandatory for police officers is important. It should be an integral part of the job description and funded properly. Nevertheless, many police departments don’t implement this requirement. Those that do may have to pay for gym memberships or training time. But many do provide facilities for fitness off duty.

While some departments are implementing a physical fitness test to make it easier for recruits, others aren’t following suit. Many departments in the United States are considering such a move. The League of Minnesota Cities (MNPC) has published a magazine explaining the reasons for the change. In addition to addressing the problem, the commission agreed to take steps to improve the physical fitness requirements of police officers.

The lack of an accepted national test has forced many police departments to sidestep the issue. Only 40 percent of police departments in the state of Minnesota have adopted any physical fitness test. This raises concerns of discrimination, as well as inaccurate assessment of real job skills. Additionally, disability rights laws prohibit testing a candidate’s blood pressure or pulse after a test. Clearly, this isn’t the way to recruit the best candidates.

The police officers in India perform an extensive variety of duties. In addition to maintaining public order, they are responsible for security for politicians and bureaucrats. Their job is both physically and mentally demanding. This means that police officers have limited time to devote to physical fitness. If they are unable to complete their duties, this could affect their ability to protect the community. Not to mention the cost of maintaining police services.

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