Why Isn’t There Pet Health Care?

Many pet owners are unsure about the importance of pet health care. Unfortunately, not many of us are educated enough to know what this means. And if we don’t, we risk not caring for our beloved pets. According to a recent study, 28 percent of households with pets experienced some kind of barrier in receiving veterinary care. The most common barrier was finances. Increasing levels of financial insecurity and housing instability also increase the likelihood of pets not getting treatment. In fact, according to sociologist Arnold Arluke, 66 percent of pets in disadvantaged neighborhoods have never seen a veterinarian.

For example, many pet owners will put off the ideal treatment for their pet, hoping that it will heal on its own. This can cause the animal to suffer chronic pain or recurring medication costs. One example of this is antibiotic-resistant urinary tract infections, or UTIs. If these infections are not treated with a culture, the dog or cat could develop an antibiotic-resistant form of the infection. Ultimately, this can lead to a costly hospital stay or even death.

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Once you’ve determined the type of policy you want, it’s time to get a quote. It’s not cheap, but you’ll be glad you got it. Most pet insurance companies reimburse up to 80% of a vet bill, but that isn’t always the case. But don’t worry, there are ways to reduce the cost of your policy. You can decrease your premiums by adjusting the deductible or reimbursement percentage. You can also choose a high deductible if you don’t have the money to pay the full amount of the bill.

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