Why We May Never See an iPhone 13

Apple has not been afraid to brand its products with the number 13. The company released its A13 Bionic chipset and updated iOS software in 2013. But what is the iPhone’s significance to Apple? Apple has become the world’s largest technology company and its iPhone is responsible for nearly half of its revenue. As such, it may be safe to say that the number 13 has a negative impact on the company.

Apple’s next flagship phone is said to arrive within the next 10 to two weeks, and its rumored release date is in the second half of September. The company won’t cut production of the iPhone 13 as the last one was, as they’ll build as many units as possible. Bloomberg is notoriously inaccurate in its Apple projections, so we won’t put much stock in this. The iPhone 13 will probably be one of the most popular phones in the world, so it’s safe to say that the iPhone 13 won’t be a huge upgrade.

Those who have an iPhone 12 might want to wait for the iPhone 13. The company might consider adding a finger-print scanner to the On/Off switch on the side. A similar approach could be used to embed a fingerprint scanner into the display. Apple has already included a finger-print scanner in the iPad Air and mini. However, none of the iPhones in the 13 series will feature Touch ID.

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